Bar Stool Kit with Footring

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Specifications Bar Kit Complete Sets comes with:

– Polished Alumunium Chrome Bases or Nylon Bases or RAW Bases (630mm diameter – 700mm diameter)

– Footring A (25mm diameter tube): A-41CR (bright chrome) & A-41BB (bright brass), or

– Footring B (19mm diameter tube): B-41CR (bright chrome) & B-41BB (bright brass), also in  B-389CRL (Linish)

Dimensions Bar Fix Plate: 8 Holes to fit standard swivel plate
Bar Tube Post: 50.8mm diameter
Bar Kit Height: 580mm and 455mm (without base)
Bar Kit Diameter: 50mm
Footring Supports: 180mm
Footrings Tube Diameter 19mm
Footring Diameter: 410mm


Bar Stool Kit

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